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MarBase is a ship database covering engine driven ships since the invention of steam engines. Added to present coverage of present world fleet details as well as ships on order, MarBase is adding ships of the past for the purpose of complete coverage of analyses of ships and their players over the past 150 years. Covering more than 130 000 ships and offshore rigs as well as ships on order, MarBase is offering its customers a unique tool for fast access to market segments by professional used ship types.

An open offered mathematical model is offering the user a theoretical way of measuring ship values linked to market activity at any time. This is making it possible to measure fleet values of any size from owner fleets to national fleets by ethnical origin or address.

With a PORTFOLIO facility, MarBase can track the effect of market development on fleets of special interest to owners, managers, operators and organizations, banks and insurance companies in an unlimited variety.

Utilizing data from AIS observation systems WEB page Internet communication standards, is making it possible for MarBase to perform tasks never before possible. Effects on the environment measuring pollution is also possible.

MarBase features:
  • Macro/micro type definitions of each unit
  • New-building contracts and second-hand sales with prices
  • Value calculations related to market transactions
  • Period charters with day-rates and duration
  • Dynamic links to Owners, Managers, Operators
  • Identification of builders and their present status
  • Emission data and AIS observations
  • Portfolio facility for user purposes

Main Menu Screen

MarBase provides answers to queries by active use of a menu-driven selection window. By use of a flexible pre-defined report structure, the database is providing numerous graphs and reports to any query. MarBase is constantly registering all changes in the world fleet. Name-changes and association with the various ship owning companies as well as other relevant information is of particular interest to MarBase. Creating fleet lists is simple in MarBase. By use of the numerous multi-selection windows, the application allows for personal reports in addition to the standard predefined ones. The program provides graphs and summaries of the world fleet by age, size and values, including ships on order.

Typical reports in MarBase:

  • Ships on order
  • Price examples of second-hand sales
  • Fleet lists of owners,managers, operators, charterers and financiers with unit values
  • C/P-details likerates and duration of long term charter parties
  • MarBase evaluation forms of single units and fleets
  • National fleet listing ranked by owners fleet size, tonnage and values
  • Type-defined fleet listing with values
  • Size-defined fleet listing with values
  • Ships sold for scrap
  • Ships lost
  • Ships involved in non-fatal events
  • Ships no longer existing with details
  • New ships, on order and pending contracts
  • Market summaries and graphs

Report Preview

Market analyses
MarBase is arranged to provide information either by ship view or by reports and graphs. MarBase is particular accurate in accessing fleet structures and age distribution according to the users requirement. By summaries and graphs, MarBase is able to offer a variety of ways to analyze fleet structures. The valuable ability by using MarBase to create fleet structures with details or summaries is unique. Macro- and micro-definition of ship categories is unique and flexible facility. The dynamic structure of MarBase can document the age distribution of different types and sizes and measure fleet renewal.

In order to provide the true development of the world fleet at any point in time, MarBase is a multi-table application being optimal dynamically structured. Ships scrapped or lost are immediately removed from the active fleet, but retaining details of their previous existence and fates.

Report Generator Screen 

MarBase is structured according to requirements set forth by its users. Special requests to improve the suitability to frequent tasks are easily made available.

MarBase is available by subscription on a monthly updated basis.

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